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App Marketing A new Way of Mobile Marketing !

Using App marketing we can easily send massive amount of App messages to your targeted customers As we all know App is really a great tool for messaging and is nearly free of cost. It has got everything including SMS, MMS. It can be the best local marketing resource.

App Supports Multiple Formats !

It not only supports the text but also various media files so makes the marketing campaign through App more clear for every marketers. App Marketing through Text,images,videos on mobile is very important for every sector now a days.Formats which are supported by App are:

Bulk App Marketing Packages

Package Name Validity Messages Cost per Msg
(in Paise)
(in Rs.)
Buy Now
Bulk App 5,000 1 Month 5000 90 4500 Buy Now
Bulk App 10,000 1 Month 10,000 80 8000 Buy Now
Bulk App 25,000 6 Months 25,000 50 12,500 Buy Now
Bulk App 50,000 6 Months 50,000 40 20,000 Buy Now
Bulk App 1,00,000 1 Year 1,00,000 30 30,000 Buy Now
Bulk App 2,00,000 1 Year 2,00,000 25 50,000 Buy Now
Bulk App 3,00,000 1 Year 3,00,000 20 60,000 Buy Now
Bulk App 5,00,000 1 Year 5,00,000 18 90,000 Buy Now

For purchasing Above 5 Lakh Credits, Please contact our Sales Team either info@magicwebservices.com or call us +91-9594349228

Our services are a real value add to the industry verticals such as Banking/Insurance/Finance Companies,Retail,Education,Health Care,Media & Entertainment and Travel & Logistics.

Bulk App Marketing Features

  • Our each message support 1500 characters.
  • Send upto 10 Lac messages in a day.
  • Bulk App panel supports 1,000 to maximum 50,000 numbers upload.
  • Upload Numbers in .csv Format.
    Remove duplicate Before the campaign.
  • App panel accept .jpg, .png image format and Image size is 1 MB.
  • App panel accept .avi, .mp4, .mov video format and Video size is 1 MB.
  • Supported all language.
  • refund policy.
  • 24 X 7 Online support


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