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Transactional Email Service

Premium Package is a Transactional Email Service and email marketing solution that sends emails only to subscribers Price List of Permission-Based Email Sent – Premium Package (Purchased Data Not Allowed)

Transactional Email Services in Mumbai, India: We have strict rules for sending to mailing lists. When sending an email to a mailing list, these rules must be followed:

  • The list should have 100% opt-ins. This means that you must have obtained the permission of your recipients to send them emails. Purchased lists, email addresses obtained from the Internet, and marketing leads are examples of lists not allowed for use.
  • VirajDigital is one of the best Transactional Bulk Email Service Providers in Mumbai, India, and provides a 100% High Delivery Rate ‎that includes everything you need to create, send, and track your email campaigns.
  • In addition, lists must be up-to-date and have had emails sent to them recently (within the previous 3 months). We closely monitor the percentage of bouncing email addresses and take action where necessary.
  • Place an opt-out (unsubscribe) link at the bottom of each email to allow recipients to immediately remove themselves from the mailing list.

Transactional Email Service Provider Packages

Package Name Validity Email Amount (in Rs.) Buy Now
Subscribers 5,000 1 Month 50,000 3500 Buy Now
Subscribers 10,000 1 Month 1,00,000 5,500 Buy Now
Subscribers 25,000 1 Month 25,0000 8,250 Buy Now
Subscribers 50,000 1 Month 5,00,000 15,000 Buy Now
Subscribers 1,00,000 1 Month 1,000,000 25,000 Buy Now
Subscribers 2,00,000 1 Month 2,000,000 35,000 Buy Now
Subscribers 5,00,000 1 Month 5,000,000 45,000 Buy Now
Subscribers 10,00,000 1 Month 10,00,0000 60,000 Buy Now
Subscribers 30,00,000 1 Month 30,00,0000 1,56,000 Buy Now
Subscribers 50,00,000 1 Month 50,00,0000 2,20,000 Buy Now
Subscribers 1,00,00,000 1 Month 1,00,00,0000 4,50,000 Buy Now
Package Name Validity Email Cost per email (in Paise) Amount (in Rs.) Buy Now
Bulk Email 5,000 1 Month 5,000 20.0 1000 Buy Now
Bulk Email 10,000 1 Month 10,000 16.0 1,600 Buy Now
Bulk Email 25,000 1 Month 25,000 13.0 3,250 Buy Now
Bulk Email 50,000 1 Month 50,000 10.0 5,000 Buy Now
Bulk Email 1,00,000 1 Month 1,00,000 7.0 7,000 Buy Now
Bulk Email 2,00,000 1 Month 2,00,000 5.0 10,000 Buy Now
Bulk Email 5,00,000 1 Month 5,00,000 3.0 15,000 Buy Now
Bulk Email 10,00,000 1 Month 10,00,000 2.0 20,000 Buy Now
Bulk Email 30,00,000 1 Month 30,00,000 1.2 36,000 Buy Now
Bulk Email 50,00,000 1 Month 50,00,000 1.0 50,000 Buy Now
Bulk Email 1,00,00,000 1 Month 1,00,00,000 0.8 80,000 Buy Now
To purchase the Above One Million Email Credits, please contact our Sales Team either at info@magicwebservices.com or call us at +91-9594349228

Reasons to Choose Us


Free, Built-In Spam Checking

You analyze your email for spam keywords and make the necessary changes based on the spam report to maximize the number of subscribers’ inboxes your email reaches, rather than ending up in their junk mail folders.

Email Open Reporting

You’ve created and sent the perfect email campaign, but how many people opened it, and when? Interspire Email Marketers and Transactional Email Service Providers tell you this and more. From the statistics tab, you can see exactly who opened your email and when. View the data as a visually appealing bar chart or as a data table with more detail.


Automatic Bounce Handling

Your email list automatically processes and removes both soft and hard bounces.

You can also export a list of which email addresses bounced and see both soft and hard bounce details.

Note :

  • Here the .validity means the time you get to utilize the email credits, if you purchase 200000 emails with 1-month validity you need to use the full credit within 1 month time but if you purchase 200000 with unlimited validity you will get unlimited time to unitize 200000 emails
  • Our terms, conditions, validity & pricing are subject to change according to International mailing rules and regulations.
  • Depending on the email campaign, the recipient’s email server, and Transactional Email Service Providers, the email will be delivered to your inbox or spam.
  • Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before placing any orders.

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