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Transactional SMS

Inform the right set of audience at the right time with Transactional SMS

With the quantity of information increasing at a high speed, it becomes necessary to deliver quality information to the general public at a right time. Transactional SMS have come to the fore for this purpose. They assist in sending the right amount of information to the right set of public at the right time, and the biggest advantage of transactional bulk SMS is that they can be sent 24×7 with your sender ID.

Transactional SMS is Template based, means it requires Template approval with Agreement to Send SMS .who is sending six characters SENDER ID, 24hours, 7 weeks, 365 days (24×7×365) of delivery. It can deliver on both DND & NON DND numbers.

Bulk SMS Packages

No setup costs | No license costs | No monthly costs | No sender ID cost | You just pay a small fee per SMS | FREE API Integration Code

(Transactional SMS – DND Open Route with 6 Chr Sender ID)

Package Name Validity Messages Cost per SMS
(in Paise)
(in Rs.)
Buy Now
Bulk SMS 5,000 6 Months 5,000 33 1,650 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 10,000 One Year 10,000 29 2,900 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 25,000 One Year 25,000 26 6,500 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 50,000 Unlimited 50,000 22 11,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 1,00,000 Unlimited 1,00,000 16 16,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 3,00,000 Unlimited 3,00,000 13 39,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 5,00,000 Unlimited 5,00,000 10.5 75,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 10,00,000 Unlimited 10,00,000 9.3 93,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 50,00,000 Unlimited 50,00,000 8.6 4,30,000 Buy Now
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Categories of Transactional SMS:

  • Bank, Financial Institutions & Credit Card Company Sent Information to Customer.
  • E commerce Agencies Information Sent to its Customer in Response to E commerce Transaction.
  • Educational Institutes Information Sent to its Registered Students.
  • “Airlines” or “Indian Railways” Information Sent to Passengers Regarding Travel Schedules, Reservation & Ticket Booking
  • Registered companies Information Sent to Employees or Staff or Customers or Agents.


  •  Message Delivered on both DND & NON DND SMS.
  • Services is Applicable 24×7×365.
  • Delivered only to Registered Users.
  • Instant Delivery.
  • Immediate Feedback.
  • Frequently & Easy to Use.
  • It is Secured.


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