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Promotional Bulk SMS

Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India Promotional SMS that makes your marketing more effective.

Our web based control panel is fully featured which helps you to reach your customers irrespective of time and place.
It is very easy to use our control panel with user friendly UI.
Necessary information is available into the panel i.e. sender’s mobile number, message, date and time of message.
Real time reports downloading in excel format is available with the panel.
You can also manage your customers or contacts in our panel’s address book.

Bulk SMS Packages

No setup costs | No license costs | No monthly costs | No sender ID cost | You just pay a small fee per SMS | FREE API Integration Code

Promotional SMS – Without Sender ID – 9AM to 9PM Only)

Package Name Validity Messages Cost per SMS
(in Paise)
(in Rs.)
Buy Now
Bulk SMS 5,000 6 Months 5,000 25.0 1,250 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 10,000 One Year 10,000 22.0 2,200 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 25,000 One Year 25,000 21.0 5,250 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 50,000 Unlimited 50,000 19.0 9,500 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 1,00,000 Unlimited 1,00,000 14.0 14,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 3,00,000 Unlimited 3,00,000 12.0 36,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 5,00,000 Unlimited 5,00,000 10.0 50,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 10,00,000 Unlimited 10,00,000 9.0 90,000 Buy Now
Bulk SMS 50,00,000 Unlimited 50,00,000 8.5 4,25,000 Buy Now
For purchasing Above One Million SMS Credits, Please contact our Sales Team either info@magicwebservices.com or call us +91-9594349228

Promotional Bulk SMS Features

Schedule SMS for Future

You can schedule your message for future sending like birthday wishes, anniversary and event invite etc.

SMS delivery time 9 AM to 9 PM

As per TRAI (Govt. of India) guideline’s promotional messages can be sent from 9 AM to 9 PM only.

SMS will not be delivered on DND numbers

Your SMS will not be delivered to NDNC (National Do Not Call) registered numbers. We will filter those DND numbers so that your messages will not be delivered on those numbers also you will not be charged for those.

Send SMS in Regional Language

Send marketing SMS in regional language which your customer can understand better! You can send sms in your local languages like Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, Kanada etc.

Why SMS Marketing?

  • Your Message will be Read in Minutes with 90% Open Rate
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Bulk SMS Marketing Builds Brand Loyalty
  • Marketing at Affordable Cost
  • Personal and Eco-Friendly



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