Viraajdigital: smtp bulk email service providers

on June 14, 2024

Viraaj Digital is a leading provider of SMTP bulk email services in India. They offer a variety of packages tailored to meet different business needs, ensuring high deliverability and efficient email marketing campaigns. Their services include bulk email marketing, transactional email services, and SMTP server solutions.

Bulk Email Services: Viraaj Digital provides various bulk email packages, ranging from 5,000 to over 1 million emails per month. These packages are designed to cater to different scales of email marketing needs, with prices varying based on the volume of emails sent. They emphasize affordability and user-friendliness, making it easy for businesses to manage their email lists and campaigns effectively.

Transactional Email Services: Their transactional email services are ideal for businesses that need to send automated, real-time emails to their subscribers. This service focuses on high deliverability rates and includes features such as spam checking, email open reporting, and automatic bounce handling to ensure your emails reach the intended recipients.

SMTP Servers: Viraaj Digital also offers dedicated SMTP server solutions for businesses that need a robust infrastructure for sending large volumes of emails. These servers are configured to handle high traffic and ensure reliable delivery of emails.

Additional Services: Apart from email marketing, Viraaj Digital provides a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, including bulk SMS, app marketing, SEO, website design and development, and graphic design. They serve over 90,000 businesses worldwide, offering customized solutions to enhance online presence and marketing effectiveness.

For more details on their services and pricing, you can visit their official website​ (Viraaj Digital)​​ (Viraaj Digital)​​ (Viraaj Digital)​​ (Viraaj Digital)​.

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